Monday, January 26, 2009

Who Wants to be a Gazillionaire?

We are working hard to impress upon all our clients the absolute need for a dynamic website, one where they can quickly post all the great media coverage we get them, easily maintain a blog and link back to it all with their brand new e-mail newsletter.

What’s the biggest obstacle to this communications nirvana? More often than not, it’s…”The Web Guy”. I don’t know why, but a surprising number of the “web guys” we’ve come across use the word “can’t” a lot more than most other people do. And pricing can be mysterious, filled with unpleasant surprises. Last week, someone told me that he learned too late that his “Web Guy” couldn’t call him back before noon because A) he was out late playing in his band the night before, and B) the boss at his “real job” wouldn’t let him call back until lunch. OK, maybe that guy could have stood a little checking out, but unfortunately, that story strikes a chord, and probably not just with me.

So here’s my proposal, “Web Guys”: We are telling our clients that they need your services – a lot. If you are a talented web designer who can work with creative direction, finish on time, charge a reasonable price with no surprises and otherwise work without drama we are very interested in talking with you. Send me an e-mail or call me. I know you’re out there. If it works, you may just be on your way to being a gazillionaire.

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