Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You (and Your Business) Can’t Live Without Twitter

Chris Barrett called me the other day. Chris is a reporter at the Providence Business News, and he is just the latest in a steady stream of reporters over the past few years to ask us about something we posted on Twitter. In this case, Chris was referencing a Tweet with news about our client the Quonset Development Corporation. (We also manage Twitter accounts for many of our clients.)

This is a good thing, since we like to talk to reporters about the great work our clients are doing. Twitter helps us do that, since the New Harbor Twitter account has a large number of reporters following it. Often, it leads to good stories about our clients. And Twitter is an easy way to start the conversation.

Over the past four years, Twitter has become a key tool in our effort to tell stories about our clients to the people who need hear them. For us, that includes reporters like Chris Barrett. Twitter also makes it easy to let people know what you’re up to or what’s on your mind.

It can provide your employees, or board members or fans and supporters with information about you that they can use to tell your story. It can give customers information they need to know about you. And it can establish you as a thoughtful observer in your particular industry or the passing scene.

Sure, some people use Twitter to share earth-shattering news like “I’m standing in line for coffee right now.” But it is also used for far more weighty things as well. There’s a reason why the Egyptian government shut down Twitter, and the entire Internet, in the past week – and before them, the Iranians. It has become a powerful tool – and a dangerous thing for dictators.

A tool like this is too powerful for you to ignore any longer. You, and your company, need to be on Twitter if you’re not already there. To find out how easy it is, sign up here:

Once you’re on, here are a couple short blog entries that can quickly help you make the most of Twitter, including a brief, 10 point orientation followed by these 50 key points about using Twitter for your business. Or if you’re ready to make a serious commitment to social media, give us a call to learn how we can help make it happen.

Questions? Shoot me an e-mail and we can talk.

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