Monday, April 1, 2013

Sender/Subject Line Hall of “We Could Do Better”

February and March 2013 Edition

(Names changed to “Acme” or “Office Holder” to protect the guilty - many of whom we know and have already tried to warn.)

Before we begin, some background from the New Harbor Blog archives on why your e-mail newsletter is so important:

The On-Line E-Newsletter: You Can’t Live Without It

And why your Sender and Subject Line combination is so important:

Delete Me!

Without any further ado … we present the “winners”:

Sender -- Subject Line
Acme Supply -- March Articles and Featured Products
Acme Supply --March Updates and Events
Acme, Inc. -- Acme, Inc. Volume 2 – Issue 2
Acme, Inc. -- Acme, Inc Volume 2 - Issue 1
RI Office Holder -- News from the RI Office Holder
Acme of Rhode Island -- News from Acme
The Acme Group, Inc.-- News from The Acme Group, Inc. 
Acme Financial  -- News from Acme Financial
Acme & Acme -- Acme & Acme’s Focus Newsletter:  Winter 2013

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